Keith a écrit le 09-08-2020 :

You must be a Brit.. I'm American.. and as I played your "easy" version of musical terms in hangman... I found I did not know most of the words. I've been playing cello for 8 years now. I wish your "easy" was actually easy. Can't say I'll recommend you to friends of mine that are actually beginners. a écrit le 15-08-2020 :


Most of the words in the Hangman game are Italian words, because in classical music a lot of words are in Italian

I'm not British, I'm french

I will add more British and American words ASAP.

I'm so surprised, because if you play cello for 8 years, so you will have played pp notes, and pp is the abbreviation of pianissimo

Thanks for your comment.

P.S. : For example, the Italian word pianissimo means very quietly.

Hangman game

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