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Rest values

Sometimes, silence is better than unmeaning words. (Pythagoras)

In music, when you play nothing and when you have a moment of rest, it means that you have rests symbols on your score.

Rest values are like note values:

double-whole rest (breve rest)united states of america Double-whole rest
United kingdom Breve rest
whole rest (semibreve rest)united states of america Whole rest
United kingdom Semibreve rest
half rest (minim rest)united states of america Half rest
United kingdom Minim rest
quarter rest (crotchet rest) or quarter rest (crotchet rest)united states of america Quarter rest
United kingdom Crotchet rest
eighth rest (quaver rest)united states of america Eighth rest
United kingdom Quaver rest
sixteenth rest (semiquaver rest)united states of america Sixteenth rest
United kingdom Semiquaver rest
thirty-second rest (demisemiquaver rest)united states of america Thirty-second rest
United kingdom Demisemiquaver rest
sixty-fourth rest (hemidemisemiquaver rest)united states of america Sixty-fourth rest
United kingdom Hemidemisemiquaver rest
one hundred and twenty-eighth rest (semihemidemisemiquaver rest)united states of america One hundred and twenty-eighth rest
United kingdom Semihemidemisemiquaver rest

Note that the quarter rest united states of america (crotchet rest United kingdom) can be written in two different ways: quarter rest (crotchet rest) or quarter rest (crotchet rest)

Rest signs equivalences

Rest signs equivalences

For Americans united states of america :

One Double-whole rest is equivalent to Whole rests
One Whole rest is equivalent to Half rests
One Half rest is equivalent to Quarter rests
One Quarter rest is equivalent to Eighth rests
One Eighth rest is equivalent to Sixteenth rests
One Sixteenth rest is equivalent to Thirty-second rests
One Thirty-second rest is equivalent to Sixty-fourth rests
One Sixty-fourth rest is equivalent to One hundred and twenty-eighth rests

For British united kingdom :

One Breve rest is equivalent to Semibreve rests
One Semibreve rest is equivalent to Minim rests
One Minim rest is equivalent to Crotchet rests
One Crotchet rest is equivalent to Quaver rests
One Quaver rest is equivalent to Semiquaver rests
One Semiquaver rest is equivalent to Demisemiquaver rests
One Demisemiquaver rest is equivalent to Hemidemisemiquaver rests
One Hemidemisemiquaver rest is equivalent to Semihemidemisemiquaver rests

Empty measures united states of america (bars united kingdom)

There is a tolerance for empty measures united states of america (empty bars united kingdom), they can be filled with inaccurate rest values:

Empty measures tolerance

Multiple measure rests

Instead of writing this:

Multiple measure rests

we prefer this:

Multiple measure rests

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