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Major or minor (ear training)

Major or minor game is an ear training. You should find if the chord being played is major or minor. This game is very good for ear training.

How to use the game:

Goal of the game:

Chords will be played one after the other, it will be necessary to determine for each chord, whether they are minor chords or major chords. In music theory, major chords are often described as bright, joyful, while minor chords are described as dark, sad or solemn. Music theory specifies that a major chord has a major third, while a minor chord has a minor third.

Setting game options:

- Difficulty: You can choose the difficulty mode that suits you best, this parameter can only be chosen at the start of the game.

Easy mode: Only major perfect chords or minor perfect chords in root position.
Difficult mode: Major perfect chords or minor perfect chords in root position or inversion position.

Start the game:

- To start the game, just click on start, and at any time in the game, you can choose to take a break by pressing the pause button.

Development of a game round:

- At each start of the turn, a chord is played, and you can listen to this chord as many times as necessary.

End of the game:

- You can choose to scroll one by one the correct answers that had to be found.

- You can choose to start a new game or replay the same game to improve.

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