Interval Ear Training

Interval Ear Training is a free game to recognize intervals. This exercises will help you to recognize intervals just by ears. Aurally identify melodic and harmonic intervals.

How to use the game:

Goal of the game:

A sound of the second note of an interval will appear, you will have to find the name of each interval formed by the first music note displayed and the second note heard.

Setting game options:

- Difficulty: You can choose the difficulty mode that suits you best, this parameter can only be chosen at the start of the game.

Level 1: let's unite, major seconds, minor seconds, major thirds, minor thirds
Level 2: perfect quarters and perfect fifths
Level 3: Intervals of level 1 and 2
Level 4: major sixth, minor minor, major seventh minor seventh, octave
Level 5: Intervals of level 1, 2, 3 and 4

- Correction speed: At each end of the turn, the correct answer will be displayed, you can choose the duration of the display of the correct answer.

- Major reference scale: Allows you to choose the key, that is to say to choose the first note of the interval and the notes to be found within this reference range.

Start the game:

- To start the game, just click on start, and at any time in the game, you can choose to take a break by pressing the pause button.

End of the game:

- You can choose to start a new game or replay the same game to improve.

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