Notes ear training for singers

Notes ear training for singers is a free game especially for singers to learn how to aurally recognize the pitch. Try to find notes that appears in the the staff united states of america (stave united kingdom) and find the correct answer.

How to use the game:

Goal of the game:

Sounds will appear one after the other, it will be necessary to find the name of each note corresponding to the sound heard, the goal is therefore to name each sound by a note name. At the start of each round the A note(440 Hz) will be played to give you a reference point. At the end of each round, you will see the correct answer appear.

Setting game options:

- Difficulty: You can choose the difficulty mode that suits you best, this parameter can only be chosen at the start of the game.

- Correction speed: Choose the duration during which the correction that appears at the end of each turn will be displayed.

Start the game:

- To start the game, just click on start, and at any time in the game, you can choose to take a break by pressing the pause button.

Development of a game round:

1) The A note is played as a reference point (A 440Hz).
2) The note to be found is then played.
3) Then the note you should have found is displayed on the staff for an instant correction of the exercise.
4) Admire your score or try to improve it.

End of the game:

- You can choose to start a new game or replay the same game to improve.

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