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Sharps order

The order of sharps is:

F♯ C♯ G♯ D♯ A♯ E♯ B♯

But you can remain only:


sharps order

How to memorize the order of sharps

The trick is to memorize the three letters FCG plus the word DAED that means nothing...But the order of sharps is the same as the flats order but reversed.

Another trick to memorize the orders of flats: Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

Why to learn by rote the order of sharps?

With the order of sharps always in mind you will be able to do:

- Knowing all Altered notes in your music score (notes with accidentals, sharps in this case)
- Finding the name of the key signature.

Knowing all Altered notes

Imagine you have 3 sharps in the key:

sharps order, example 1

With the order of sharps in mind, you immediately know the altered notes you will find in the score: F♯ C♯ G♯ D♯ A♯ E♯ B♯ and you will know that the previous score below is just like this:

sharps order, example 2

Finding the name of the key signature

With the sharps order, you can find the name of the key signature:

Imagine you have this (3 sharps in the key)

sharps order, example 1

With the order of sharps, you have this: F♯ C♯ G♯

You find the last sharp in this sequence: F♯ C♯ G♯, here it is G♯, and you add a half step united states of america (semitone united kingdom) to know the name of the key signature: G♯ + 1 half step (semitone) = A. So with 3 sharps in the key, the name of the key signature is A Major.

External links to learn more about:

1 - https://www.dolmetsch.com/musictheory9.htm
2 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accidental_(music)
3 - https://musicterms.artopium.com/a/Accidentals.htm

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