Flute sight-reading game

Flute sight-reading game

Flute sight-reading game for notes reading training in treble clef: Play this game to read notes in treble. This notes reading training is for flutists.

Here is a Flute sight-reading game: Play this game in treble clef to learn how to read music.

How to play:
- Choose the difficulty
- Choose your options: Speed, colors, sound, answer mode
- Click on start
- And find the good answer when music notes appears

If you have any knowledge about music notes reading in treble clef, so read these articles:

- Note names
- The staff united states of america (stave united kingdom)
- Clefs and especially Treble clef (G-clef)
- Reading music notes

How to use the game

Goal of the game:

The music notes will appear one after the other, it will be necessary to find and choose the correct answer for each note (there is no sharp and no flat in this game, only notes of the C major scale).

Setting game options:

- Difficulty: You can choose the difficulty mode that suits you best, this parameter can only be chosen at the start of the game.

- Speed: By default (speed 0), the speed at which music notes appear is moderate, but you can choose a slower or faster playing mode.

Game button (Colors): If this option is selected, the musical notes and the buttons will be colored, the color of the button for the correct answer will correspond to the color of the note whose name must be found. This option is ideal for the youngest.

Game button (Sound): If this option is selected, the sound of the note will be played when the note appears. This allows hearing to be associated with vision. The sounds are those of a piano.

Game button (Click = next note): If this option is selected, when you click on a response button, a new note will appear immediately, otherwise the next note will appear depending on the speed of appearance you have selected (speed option) .

The response buttons:

You can choose the style of response buttons you want, this choice cannot be changed during the game.

Game button DO RÉ MI Buttons (DO, RÉ, MI, FA, ...)

game button Piano keyboard with note names

Game button Piano keyboard without note names

Game button Anglo-Saxon Buttons (A, B, C, ...) for Anglo-Saxon notation

Game button midi keyboard MIDI keyboard (only available on certain browsers, including Chrome.)

Start the game:

To start the game, just click on start, and at any time in the game, you can choose to take a break by pressing the pause button.

End of the game:

You can choose to start a new game or replay the same game to improve.

Keyboard shortcuts:

You can also play with the keyboard of your computer:
Game button

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