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Notes reading in mezzo-soprano clef (beginner)

Here is a mezzo-soprano clef sight-reading exercise especially made for beginners: Play this game in mezzo-soprano clef to learn how to read music.

Level :
Speed :
Click = next question

How to play:
- Choose the difficulty
- Choose your options: Speed, colors, sound.
- Click on start
- And find the good answer when music notes appears

If you have any knowledge about music notes reading in mezzo-soprano clef, so read these articles:

- Note names
- The staff united states of america (stave united kingdom)
- Clefs and especially C-clefs
- Reading music notes

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Joseph wrote on 04-11-2019 :

The key bindings for keyboard input are confusing.

1 réponse(s) :
https://www.dacapoalcoda.com answered on 06-02-2020 :


Thanks for your comment. I know it is a little bit confusing, but A B C D E F G will not be better, isn't it?

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