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Here we will talk about music theory and about how and why to learn music theory.

What is music theory ?

Music theory is the term for all concepts that help musicians to understand, play and write music. Learning music, reading music and writing music requires us to have notions about musical theory.
Music theory is like a shared language that all musicians agree on.

In other words, music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music.

Why learn music theory?

Learning music theory is always needed to play music, even for guitarists, but it is not necessary to have a doctorate in musicology to play the piano. You can learn only what do you need to play or to sing. If you are a guitarist and if you want to play pop music, you had to be able to read tabs and chord diagrams. But if you are a pianist you had to read music in G-clef and in F-clef. But in all cases, music theory helps you understand what you’re playing and to better communicate with other musicians.
On this website, you can learn music theory on your own and online. Anyone can learn music theory.

Where to start learning music theory?

It depends on what do you need, in most cases you had to learn to read music notes and to read rhythms. To read music you can start to learn by playing my Notes reading games.

If you play piano or guitar, you can start with this:

What are the basics of music theory?

The basics of music theory for beginners are at least all notions described in this image:

music theory summary

  1. The staff united states of america( stave united kingdom)
  2. Note names, Note values, Reading music notes, Whole steps & half steps united states of america (Tones & semitones united kingdom), Dots and Ties
  3. Rest values
  4. Clefs
  5. Time signature
  6. Key signature and Accidentals
  7. Measure united states of america (Bar united kingdom)
  8. Bar united states of america (Barline united kingdom)
  9. Tempo
  10. Dynamics
  11. Articulations
  12. Repeat signs

Some questions about music theory

Is music theory easy or hard to learn ?

Basics of music theory are quite easy to learn with a good mentor like this website, but it can be hard if you want to be an expert, all depends on what do you want to do. Anyone can learn music theory!

Is music theory important ?

Yes of course, music theory is important to read and play music, it is like grammar.

How can music theory help me?

It is like saying how knowing the alphabet can help me ? Knowing the basics of music theory will help you to read, play and to understand music.

Can i learn music theory on my own ?

Yes of course, you can learn music theory by your own, you have all in this website. I had to tell you that it can be easier with a real teacher, but here you can learn on your own.

Music theory games

Music theory games

Just for you, I've created these funny music theory games. I hope you will learn music with fun !

Find all my music theory games by clicking this link music theory games
music theory games


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