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Parallel keys

Parallel keys are a major scale and a minor scale that have the same tonic.

For example, C Major key and C minor key are parallel keys because they have the same tonic note: C

Relationship between parallel keys

There is a relationship between parallel keys:

There is always 3 accidentals less or more, like this:

Minor parallel key + 3# ==> Major parallel key
Major parallel key - 3b ==> Minor parallel

List of most common parallel keys

A♭ Major key and A♭ minor key
C Major key and C minor key
E Major key and E minor key
F Major key and F minor key
G Major key and G minor key
B Major key and B minor key
B♭ Major key and B♭ minor key
F♯ Major key and F♯ minor key
D Major key and D minor key
E♭ Major key and E♭ minor key
C♯ Major key and C♯ minor key
A Major key and A minor key

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