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Enharmonic Key Signatures

Definition of enharmonic

Enharmonic is an adjective who means: having the same pitch in the tempered scale but written in different notation.

Notes, intervals, or key signatures can have their enharmonic equivalent.

For a key signature, an enharmonic key signature is a key signature that sounds the same as another key signature on a piano (tempered scale)

For example, G♭ Major scale and F♯ Major scale are enharmonic keys because they are being played with the same keys on a piano but their names are different:

G♭ Major scale

G flat major scale

F♯ Major scale

F sharp major scale

List of enharmonic key signatures

Below is list of list of enharmonic key signatures:

C♯ Major (7#) and D♭ Major (5b)

C sharp Major scale

C sharp major scale

D flat Major scale

D flat Major scale

F♯ Major (6#) and G♭ Major (6b)

F sharp Major scale

F sharp Major

G flat Major scale

G flat Major

B Major (5#) and C♭ Major (7b)

B Major scale

B Major

C♭ Major scale

C flat major

And below are some other scales who sound the same but without key signature:

F♭ Major and E Major

F♭ Major scale

F flat Major

E Major scale

E Major

A♯ Major and B♭ Major

A♯ Major scale

A sharp Major

B♭ Major scale

B flat Major

E♯ Major and F Major

E♯ Major scale

E sharp Major

F Major scale

F Major

D♯ Major and E♭ Major

D♯ Major scale

D sharp Major

E♭ Major scale

E flat Major

B♯ Major and C Major

B♯ Major scale

B sharp Major

C Major scale

C Major

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