Music theory

Music theory - Learn music

Music theory - Learn music

Learning music theory is necessary to understand all symbols and how is made the music, here you can learn music theory by playing games

Music theory, a good way to learn music

Welcome to, this website is about music theory. There are different ways to learn music, but learning music theory is necessary when you play and learn music with paper music. If you want to play music by reading music, you had to understand all symbols and how is made the music, that's why music theory is needed.

Music theory games

Music theory games

I've created those music theory games because it is important for me to have fun while learning music theory. Music theory is often too much boring, that's why I've created these funny music theory games. I hope you will learn music with fun !

With these music theory games that I created, here is what you can learn while playing:

Music sight-reading games: With these music sight-reading games you can learn to read music notes in treble, bass, soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and alto clefs. And I created games specially designed for most musical instruments such as the piano, the violin, the guitar, the saxophone and many others.

Note ear training games: You can also find exercises on this website to train your musical ear such as Melodic Dictation, note ear training, chord sight-reading practice, interval ear training, absolute pitch training, ear training.

Music theory games: To learn music theory while having fun, I also created games based on specific concepts such as key signatures identification, scales identification and intervals identification.

Musicals entertainment games: And if you are tired of theory, you can play entertainment games such as pitch memory, card memory or hangman game.

Music theory lessons

Music theory lessons

The section named Music theory lessons is divided into 2 parts: Pitch of sounds for all lessons and articles that refer to the pitch of a sound (note names, scales, key signature, ...), and Duration of sounds for all lessons that refer to the duration, like rhythm, notes and rests values, time signatures...

In the category pitch of sounds, you will learn notes names and learn how to recognize them on the staff. You will also discover the concepts of clefs, of Whole steps & half steps (Tones & semitones), of accidentals and of key signature. With all these notions, you will be able to easily read music scores. You will also master the notions of scales and modes. And you will also be able to acquire more advanced notions such as the circle of fifths, cadences, tonicization and modulation.

In the category named duration of sounds, you will learn what the tempo is, what the dots and ties are used for, but also learn the notes and rests values and how to recognize them. Bars, time signatures, triplets and duplets will hold no secrets for you.

Musical terms in British and American in music theory

Musical terms in British and American in music theory

Musical terms in British and American in music theory are not always identical, that's why you can learn these differences in the article named British and American Musical Terms. On this website, I will notice British and American Musical Terms with the flags British and American, for example:
whole note (semibreve) is a whole note in American united states of america and a semibreve in English united kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions about music theory

why learn music theory?

Learning music theory is always needed to play music, even for guitarists, but it is not necessary to have a doctorate in musicology to play the piano. You can learn only what do you need to play or to sing. If you are a guitarist and if you want to play pop music, you had to be able to read tabs and chord diagrams. But if you are a pianist you had to read music in G-clef and in F-clef. But in all cases, music theory helps you understand what you’re playing and to better communicate with other musicians.
On this website, you can learn music theory on your own and online. Anyone can learn music theory.

where to start learning music theory?

It depends on what do you need, in most cases you had to learn to read music notes and to read rhythms. To read music you can start to learn by playing my Notes reading games. I have written some articles like music theory for pianist and music theory for guitarist and I will add I will add other articles..

Find all my music theory games by clicking this link music theory games
music theory games

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